A brave boat at sea (Uffa Fox 1948)

After over 15 years in production the Rondar Raceboats Firefly has established itself as the team racing boat of choice in the UK, a testament to the robust nature of the boats and Paul Young's innovative updating of Uffa Fox's original design. It has also gained favour amongst many of the Firefly fleet racers winning the National Championships on many occasions including last year.

Rondar Raceboats are now able to offer a composite option built to the MK4 wood deck specification to complement their all GRP Firefly. The first production boat, which featured on the Class Association stand at Sailboat 2013, received a very positive response from all that viewed her.

Tony Thresher will be building these boats and has written the kit instructions so if you would like further information or a quote for your own particular specification contact him directly. He will as always be happy to discuss any conversions, repairs or renovations you may have in mind for your wood Firefly. The four main composite options are listed below.


KIT: £2112.00 incl.

Includes braced Rondar shell with centreboard case bonded in, all wood and plywood parts to complete shell to MK4 wood deck specification plus instructions.

HULL R.F.F: £2750.00 incl.

MK4 composite with all woodwork complete and ready to varnish

FINISHED HULL: £3492.00 incl.

MK4 composite varnished with bailer, bow and shroud plates fitted.

READY TO SAIL: £6396.00 incl.

Complete boat including sails, measurement and royalty paid.

Conact Tony for more information

View the Rondar composite firefly in the gallery