Traditionally hand built framed wood epoxy OK dinghies built to order

Bare Hull (no decks)

Marine ply hull with 10mm floor, centerboard case, and all bulkheads built in.

Complete Hull

As above with sapele decks ready for painting.

This will appeal to owners who already have good rigs and foils and want to update their hull as well as people who want to get into the class with a new boat at a very reasonable price.

Customers own mast and deck rings can be incorporated in the build otherwise the hull will come with my own fixed position mast step and opening in deck to which my own nylon deck ring can be fitted.

Painted and varnished hull

As above, coated with SP 320 structural epoxy and spray painted with two pack paint and laquer. Hull comes with two Super Medium self bailers already fitted.

Complete boat ready to sail (ex rig)

Supplied with Milanes foils, Holt and Harken hardware fitted out to my own functional specification.

Prices for any stage of build on request